Empress Keno – Shop3Care

My name is Empress Keno.

My very first blogging experiences was on this platform, blogger, from 2007-2014.

Like many things in life right now, I have come full circle.


Started with a Shop, now i’m here! 

Last year, while going through a very difficult time emotionally; I decided to commit to self care.

For me, self care is self expression in every sense of the word.

My creativity is very active and vibrant. 

When I started shop3care – my vision was an organic online beauty supply filled with reminders for myself and others to take care of ourselves.

A year has passed and now I am transitioning all things in life, including my brand (shop).

I have decided to focus on content creation rather than retailing physical goods. The primary motivation behind this is travel. However, I have been also having a phenomenal time vlogging, editing, etc.

Soon, very soon, I will be making one of the biggest changes in my life. I am incredibly excited about it.

I’ve decided that the blog format here makes the most sense for this avenue of my self expression. It’s amazing how most things come back around in life, including the smallest things.

Join me as I learn, grow, experience and travel the world with my husband and children.

My goal is to comfortably express myself how I see fit, while connecting with like minded individuals on this journey we call life.

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