So, I’ve been getting all of my routine health check ups and I’m down to the last two; vision and dental.

I wore braces twice – I changed the large gap between my two front teeth. This was in my late teens, early twenties which was a much less secure time in life.
I have a permanent retainer behind my top teeth and I’ve wanted it off since I’ve had it put on.
My routine dental cleaning is tomorrow and I’m definitely going to request the removal of the retainer.
Not only am I beyond tired of having it in my mouth, I actually miss my gap.
Idk- maybe it’s because I’m turning 30 in the next couple months, maybe it’s because I’m already riding a wave of drastic change, maybe it’s because I’m much more secure in my identity.
I’m incredibly confident that my gap will open. I didn’t get a permanent retainer after the first set of braces, hence the second set.
The only slight tug at my spirit is this; I paid cash. Hard-earned-struggling-early -20-something-year-old cash. It feels like a waste of time and money invested in expensive cosmetic dental treatments. 
But then again, isn’t vanity often a waste in hindsight?
I’m not quite sure what it is that is driving me, but I’m following my desires in this phase of my journey. It is extremely liberating.
Maybe I’ll even get a gold tooth.
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