Africa – “You’re not gonna make it”

Someone told me I’m not gonna make it in Africa because there aren’t any social programs in place.

Very big lol.
I mentioned that I think a lot of the problem with America is that we have so many social programs in place.
Being poor isn’t easy anywhere in the world.
It’s also a bold assumption that I am in need of social programs.
But you know, all Black Women are poor?
This person, in the same conversation, went on and on about how beautiful the weather is, how amazing the people, childcare, culture, and the food are…..I’m like ????
Do you not hear yourself ? But, these are the avenues I value. I guess it’s easy to disregard those things if your primary focus is money.
To be fair, they also briefly mentioned a hard life leaving their country in Africa to get to America. To be even more fair, someone who doesn’t want me to go sent this person to “talk” to me.
I’m always eager to hear new perspectives about things from every angle.
It’s honestly the “you’re not gonna make it” part that rubbed me the wrong way.
Because for one, who tf are you to tell me what I can’t achieve ? 
For two, one thing about me: I can make it anywhere.
I mean, I could easily fire off a million reasons why that was easily the wrong phrasing to use with me, but I’m sure the picture has been painted.
Nevertheless, every day I’m a little more excited.
To freedom! 

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