Road Rash- It’s kinda like that

Sometime around the year 2001, when kids still played outside on bikes and scooters and things….I took a ride on a motor scooter and fell off.

This is a significant life experience because I still wear the scars til this day.
I remember the event like it was yesterday…
The cool neighborhood kid had just got a scooter with a real motor on it.
I don’t know the motor details but it was definitely fast enough for my mom (who I call “my Lady” ) to give me specific instructions NOT to ride it.
So of course, naturally I had to get on it immediately.
I was riding it down the street, enjoying the wind blowing in my face when I went to turn  the  corner. I hit the gas instead of the break and flew off.
Road rash everywhere. Til this day you can still see the lumps from the scar tissue in my lips. I bit almost completely through my bottom lip on the right side.
Talk about trauma.
The moral of this story is….I’ll totally do it again because sometimes experience hurts. It’s priceless though.
Anyway, I somehow lost some of that childhood wonder and no fear of the unknown. It’s back now.
I’m looking forward to all that Africa has to offer.
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