It’s been quite a while since I took the time to really blog it out.
I’ve been on a journal livestream streak this month.
It’s been fun.
Ironically, the videos with the least engagement are those where I am most expressive.
Of course it’s because of the engagement. I really enjoy connecting with like minded people who found me on the tube. But I must say, it definitely takes a bit of the journal element away from it.
That’s the best part of growing something, it gains a life of its own.
I am thinking I will spend the rest of the streams intentionally  offering more of the information that I know people want to hear about
Now that my channel is gaining momentum, I’m definitely starting to understand more and more how the creator ends up creating content for the audience and not necessarily content for the art.
This week was monumental.
Regal studios officially has an office in Dar es Salaam Tanzania.
I finished procedure and pricing updates for BB, even my client portal. 
I’m proud of me and all of my hard work.
Exciting things are happening.
I am grateful.

Thank you Kindly.

Yours in Wellness,