The Upgrade – Pareto Principle

Transparency post

Well, all of my posts are transparent.

I worked way harder than I intended to this week.

My firm turned 3 recently ( go me! ) and it’s been nothing short of an adventure.

I’m a dynamic woman. A wife, a mother, a photographer, videographer, poet, author, producer, editor, copywriter, marketer, influencer, revenue cycle management expert, administrative professional, consultant, and multiple small business founder.

Would you believe me if I told you I wore every single one of those hats this week? Whew! I claim to be living a soft life, a slow life and yet….the truth is life never stays at the same pace. Some days I relish in owning my time, others I appreciate the gift of talent, of focus, of resilience.

At some point recently, a lightbulb went off.

It suddenly clicked for me how to merge all of my interests into a monster hobby. And woah.

I’ve been serving up like woah.

Next up is 80/20. I’m going to be implementing the Pareto principle into my life in more ways than one with complete intention.

It’s only up.