Radical Self Love Week

Below, you will find a weekly update on all things Empress Keno and what Radical Self Love, Radical Self Healing looks like.

Best things I’ve experienced this week:

Read – I spent some time compiling old poems into a book. Wow! Writing certainly does capture emotion. Further, writing captures emotion in time. Writing is a time capsule in itself.

Watched – I caught the my virtual cousins, Afrikan Dreamin’ ( youtube) live streaming last night. I had so much fun laughing with them and engaging with the chat. I love when I discover creators with real communities that I can make an authentic connection to.

Listened to – “Oh Let’s Do It” by Lil Wayne on No Ceilings. Man, I almost forgot how good I can shake my ass. My husband and I enjoyed our wedding anniversary.

Art – I have these really cool paintings from local Tanzanian and Zanzibari artists. I am going to layer different elements with my own art to create new prints. I was inspired to do this by meditating in front of a piece this week and I am excited about that.

Self Care – I spent some time in leisure on my birthday but overall I was quite busy this week. I am proud of myself for creating balance and boundaries.

Connection made – I had an Ah Ha! moment this week: I am not responsible for things that are within the scope of human evolution. That sounds like an absurd thing that is obvious. But, you’d be surprised to know that many of us do not have that core understanding.

Lowest vibration – Frustration. I get tired of making decisions at times.

Highest vibration – Enlightenment. having a few moments where things suddenly made sense.

Radical Self Love weekly summary  – 

This week;

I got another year older, my marriage grew another stronger, and my business has continued to flourish. I am grateful. I am filled with a level of gratitude that cannot be described at this point in time.

I feel inspired daily. Inspired to tell my truths. To be fearless amongst fear itself. Why? Because I want to be free, that’s why.

The only way to truly manifest the things that you desire are to evoke emotion. Emotion puts energy in motion.