Emotions are Everything

A lifelong partnership and friendship with intimacy? Come on! That’s asking a lot, right?

Empress Keno

Emotions are everything.

Best things I’ve experienced this week:

Read – receipt. A big goal was accomplished.

Watched – Til Debt Do Us Part – Gail Vaz-Oxley

Listened to- my husband. We exchanged emotions.

Art – Me. I am truly a work of art and learning to see myself as such.

Self Care – cussing, yelling, anger. Expressing myself and my pent up feelings to the point of relief.

Connection made – friendship growth and possibilities.

Lowest vibration – feeling trapped by past baggage.

Highest vibration – realizing I’m only ever as trapped as I feel.

Empress Keno – Weekly Newsletter Selfie

Radical Self Love weekly summary –

What. A. Week. My workload is abundant but so is my gratitude.

I made space to create, as that makes me feel good. I launched a course, amongst other things. I had a big fight that lasted way too long with my husband.

Like, a really big one.

I found myself feeling like I didn’t need to do any of this marriage thing. But, marriage is hard. I’m grateful that my partner chooses to listen and make changes.

There was confrontation about just that. I create order in my life. I have been self governing for a very long time. Whereas, my husband had established order in his life. We are not motivated in the same ways.

The fight was due to a breakdown in communication, like always. I am in this space of Radical Self Love; creating boundaries around what I will and won’t tolerate. The problem comes when there’s something to be changed. Something that I once allowed but no longer tolerate. What matters is that neither of us is perfect but both of us desire to create a healthy, sustainable marriage.

Honestly, I reminded him that he needed to lead that. It’s no secret that I do not have the best feelings about the concept of marriage. The agreement when I accepted his proposal was that he wanted to prove to me why marriage to him is valuable.

I must admit, after every makeup I do find more value in the concept of marriage. Relationships in themselves are hard. A lifelong partnership and friendship with intimacy? Come on! That’s asking a lot, right?

I’m still up for the challenge though, I love challenges.

I put a lot of nurturing and care into everything and everyone that I love. I’ve been cultivating skills and talents that drive my business for a lifetime. I find that the more I see the things I’ve been working really hard at rewarding me, the more I expect from everything and everyone that I work hard for.

Balance. Balance is the key to it all. Balancing boundaries, expectations, grace and every other thing that encompasses the human experience can be a lot at times. Life, am I right? The thing is, I would not have any of it any other way.

Emotions are everything.

Salaama. (Swahili for Peace)

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