Make Money Online Series | Pivoting

Tis the season! The best part (for me) of working online is how easy it is to pivot. There are so many soft skills collected by just working on a computer that can easily accompany any hard skills or interests you may have.

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What are soft skills?

Soft skills are items like:

Sending emails

Navigating a computer desktop

Typing efficiency

Computer software awareness.

Essentially, what level of tech savvy are you, or are you willing to become?

What are Hard skills?

These are industry and niche specific skills.

In my industry of practice, some hard skills are :

Medical Billing

HIM Analyst


Accounts Receivable, etc.

What am I saying exactly? The more soft skills you have, the more hard skills you can collect. If you’re great at navigating a computer you can use the internet as a tool to pivot and expand your career over and over again.

Tis the season! Why not grow into exactly who you want to be ?

I’m on #RadicalSelfLove journey to learn and grow all that is me.

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