Make Money Online Series | Pop Up Shop

Sometimes, making money online involves making moves in the physical world, too.

Tis the season! It’s about time for to get up and running again. I’ve been so overwhelmed with all that is life that I did not want to face burn out by jumping back in to the Shop relaunch project so soon.

But, Opportunities!

After almost deciding not to go, and getting up at the literal last moment; I went to vend my East African sourced goods at a pop up shop in Sanford FL today.

You see, the key to building an online income stream with a retail shop is to make as many connections that put you in front of potential customers as possible.

I decided the market research potential was more than worth the potential sales of the day and picked myself up to make the Shop3Care pop up event happen.

Pop Up Shop3Care – Turmeric Seamoss Gel held by Empress Keno at event in Central FL

I am grateful that I went because I used my Organic Turmeric Seamoss gel samples to get feedback from the crowd and they loved it so much that I decided to list the product in the Etsy Shop right away.

The moral(s) of this story is – Sometimes it’s cool to push yourself. Making Money online is much more than being in front of your computer or smartphone screen.

Tis the season! Why not grow into exactly who you want to be ?

I’m on #RadicalSelfLove journey to learn and grow all that is me.

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