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Investing in Tanzania

I often get emails, Dm’s and all kind of reach outs requesting that I make content about my experience investing in Tanzania. The truth is;

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Do you want to go wide or do you want to go deep?

I prefer to go deep when building all facets of community in my online presence. For one, that’s just who I am. Also, I prefer quality over quantity.

One of the biggest lessons I learned first hand in my primary business over the last year and a half is how swelling too big, too quickly, can be more detrimental than not growing at all.

My business grew more quickly than I could gain competent staff. You know what happened? STRESS. Over a period of 6 months, I slowly deflated. Intentionally, thankfully. If I would have kept going I would have overloaded to the max and just stopped. Collapsed, even. The thing about a service based business, you gotta be able to serve.

So, here I am. Understanding now more than ever how much more the most valuable few mean so much more than the many with some value.

As I share what I know, I am careful. The only thing I would like to publicly be an expert on is me. When connecting through different topics, especially very sensitive ones; I only want the valuable few.

When building any community you may start with a goal in mind. Do you want a big wide spanning community with shallow entertainment? Or do you want a community consisting of the best types of parasocial connections? Since we cannot control anything completely; simply ask yourself – Do you want to go wide or do you want to go deep?

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