Make Money Online Series | Choosing what content to create

I often write out full video outlines, shoot them and scrap the whole project without delivery. Unfortunately, I often write full blog entries and do the same.

Lately, I’ve allowed my ideas to come and go much more fluidly. When I first started sharing my art, or content as we like to call it, online; I published every idea as soon as I thought of it so I would not forget it.

The concept was; if I liked creating the piece, or talking about the subject matter I would create it again and again, blogging essentially, and finding my niche in that manner.

Now that I have had about two full years of stumbling and fumbling with apps; i’ve discovered a few things about myself as a creator but also many things about presentation and audience perspective.

I find myself creating too many artistic layers and making pieces way too deep at times. There is a sense of relief that is granted by expressing. There is a rush that comes with sharing. Now, I find myself in the position to capitalize on my sharing monetarily. We will develop this further later.

Because of the unintentional, yet intentional introduction into the creator economy; I feel the need to iron out my brand. Though I have yet to put my finger exactly on what my singular niche is; I find that the Make Money Online Series has by far been my favorite.

Since I moved to Tanzania as an African American expat I excitedly shared videos of my experiences with my fresh, eager to absorb eyes. As a result, I connected with many like minded individuals along the way.

In this season, I will be vlogging my make money online adventures and what I have learned over the past several years. I am very excited for the like minded connections that will come about in the near future.

Choosing what content to make can be really challenging when I am concerned with what the audience will like. Keeping it simple by sharing a piece of who I am and what I am learning has been proven to be the most effective inspiration for content inspiration and delivery.

The next time you are experiencing a bit of trouble figuring out how to choose what to make content about -simply choose a method that has been proven to work for you before.