Make Money Online Series | Keep it Simple

I find myself creating too many artistic layers and making pieces way too deep at times.

There is a sense of relief that is granted by expressing. There is a rush that comes with sharing.

Now that I find myself in the position to capitalize on my sharing monetarily, keeping it simple allows for more opportunities to expand.

I know, I know. You’ve heard about dumbing it down before. We’ve even talked about going wide versus going deep, right here. The truth is, just like in all things ; there needs to be balance.

It’s perfectly fine and perfectly safe to talk about your super specific subject matter and keep your audience deep. Growing, steadily but slowly over time….or expansion opportunities? I mean, what do you have to lose?

Choose to create some surface level content in regard to your topic at times. It gives you the opportunity to reach more people while remaining true to yourself and the content you want to produce.

For example; with me, my Youtube audience is filled with people that are interested in traveling to or investing in Tanzania. This creates a huge ceiling on any ad revenue I may receive from my video content as the CPM are quite tiny in comparison to my knowledge base.

What does that tell me? It tells me that the subject matter that helped me to get comfortable sharing content and create a youtube audience is not monetarily valuable in comparison to my actual general knowledge about the topics I have chosen to briefly discuss.

My solutions:

1. Generalize.

2. Create visual content for my monetized platform that will grant me the ability to express my interests.

3. Create more content that is actually more in alignment with my knowledge value.

Keeping things simple, minimal, yet well oiled and highly functional has been one of the biggest lessons i’ve learned in business over the last few years. It’s only right that it would be relevant to making money online, which is a business in itself.