Make Money Online Series | Creating Value

I find myself creating too many artistic layers and making pieces way too deep at times.

While that is great, fun and all those good feeling words…we all need to make a living.

What do I mean by that? I mean ; we all need to contribute to society. Typically, at least in the world of capitalism, once you contribute value to someone or something – you are compensated.

Now, your next question might be – ok, how do I contribute value to make money online? – well, at least that is what I am hoping your question is because that’s certainly what I am about to share with you.

It’s easier that chilln’ beach side on a tropical island. All you have to do is ….drum roll please…..share information about your product or service.

What’s the catch? EASY! You have to share information about how your product or service will fix a specific problem.



Not just any specific problem BUT your potential clients specific problem.

Be very very specific. Then, consider being kind of general- as simple as possible, really.

The more value you provide someone up front, the more likely they are to invest in themselves to find any additional value you may contain.

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