Make Money Online Series | Entry Level Growth Opportunities 3 of 3

Everyone wants to make money online, but do you have the skills to demand the salary you desire? 

Finding entry level work with Customer Service and Data Entry skills in the RCM field can be easier than not. Every speciality is always in need of the entry level positions listed below.

Appointment Schedulers are ideal for medical and other practices that involve direct customer scheduling contact and basic computer skills.

Once any busy office or business has a certain amount of appointment requests, etc, it becomes ideal to delegate appointment scheduling tasks.

Medical offices and those alike need Appointment Scheduling support. Find remote jobs and gigs online starting around $10/hr for US citizens and $2/hr for work outsourced overseas.

Pro Tip: Shop popular gig and remote work websites like those listed aboved ( Indeed, Upwork, Fiverr ) to see how much the average employer is offering for this postion in your area.

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