Make Money Online Series | Self Investments always result in gains

I gave myself a challenge :

Write down my goals and aspirations for my professional career.

The catch: Physically writing it down.

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The objective was to outline what I want for myself. Then, extract the goals that would get me there and create benchmarks.

I finally developed a much more clear picture of what I’d like to do with my Virtual Revenue Cycle Management business. I created goals for the business, then benchmarks.

I also developed the confidence I needed to navigate this world in any way I choose. I created goals for myself, then benchmarks.

During my self care spiritual journey – I invested in myself by leaving the country for personal and spiritual development.

I went to live in Tanzania, Africa for 18 months. Learn more about that experience in my Informed Expat series.

While experiencing myself in that realm ; I found that I could be much more patient than I thought I could. I found that I show affection by sharing the things I’ve learned. I found that I boost my own ego by eagerly offering information to others. I found that many have grown from the things I’ve shared with them. I found that I am extremely teachable and always eager to learn.

About 5 months ago, I returned to the USA to develop my professional prospects.

Today, an investment I’d been working on diligently paid off.

I passed my certification exam.

I challenge you to outline your personal and professional goals for the next 5 years and benchmark it into increments of 6 months…You can do anything you put your mind to

Empress Keno, CPB, CPB-I

I am now a Certified Professional Biller AND a Certified Professional Billing Instructor,

Credentialed and Approved by the American Academy of Professional Coders.

I am now an AAPC Approved Adult Educator with the ability to offer:

– Anatomy courses

– Medical Terminology courses

⁃ Speaking Engagements

– Medical Billing exam courses

– Certification exam proctoring

– Workshops

– Continuing Education Units

– Physician and Non Clinician Coaching

and more

I have also successfully registered my business to coach newly credentialed professionals – providing benefit to my business’ clients and students.

I am excited beyond belief and feel extremely accomplished.

The communication skills and confidence I developed on my excursion to Africa was just as important to the further investment in credentialing as the act itself.

When you invest in yourself – it costs a significant amount of time, energy, efforts, and money. No matter what, the outcome is always a win, so it’s always worth it.

I challenge you to outline your personal and professional goals for the next 5 years and benchmark it into increments of 6 months.

This has worked tremendously over the last 6 years for me.

If you’d like me to create a free webinar or course ( I’d love to practice with you!) comment below and let me know.

You can do anything you put your mind to.

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