The Importance of a Portfolio |Make Money Online Series

I’ve recently introduced several aspects of soft skills, or professionalism concepts. Read more about that here.

Additionally, I have challenged you to outline your personal and professional goals. Read more about the challenge here.

Like the flow of life, the challenge I will present here builds upon previous experience.

Have you been writing things down?

Here’s something that I learned a very long time ago in my career, yet I have learned to implement it personally and it has served me very well:

“If you didn’t document it, it didn’t happen.”

Create a portfolio. That’s it, full stop.

Be Creative. That’s the key.

Create a collection of your soft skills, hard skills, productions and professional development.

It’s typical to have a CV, resume, and a few references. It’s not very often that someone has collected a portfolio of personal and professional accomplishments.

The easiest way to stand out is to be yourself. Do you want a great way to demonstrate your personal and professional capabilities? Have a portfolio of those things ripe and ready to go!

Pro Tip: Create a blog.

Did you take on a new task at work today and knock it out of the park? Document it.

It wasn’t until I asked for routine feedback from clientele recently that I realized that 90% of my clientele has been with me 90% of the time that I have been in business.

WOAH! What an accomplishment?!

Yet, I had not been reviewing these metrics and documenting it routinely. I had not been personally tracking my growth in a way that benefits my own self care (encouragement) or professional development (marketing tool).

Now that I know better, I will do better.

Hopefully you will too.

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