Invest in yourself with Pride | Radical Self Love

I’ve learned to downplay my accomplishments by a lot cus not everyone watching is rooting for you.

I’ve learned to keep my successes quiet because those same people that didn’t encourage you, will face you with their hand out.

I’ve learned to sing “ I’m broke baby I ain’t got no money“ and share my triumphs only through the lense of struggle.

The trauma sheep taught me to trust no one, appear as if I have nothing.

Healing and Self Love taught me to invest in myself no matter what.

This year, I conquer the desire to hide.

I’ve built a company that serves Black Peoples mental health, builds the businesses of primarily Black professionals, and ushers newly minted rcm professionals into a career. We serve on a national scale.

I just sold my last vehicle from my African transportation business, which allowed me to invest in raw materials from a womens collective I created. I taught a Tanzanian how to earn USD. True missionary work.

I’m extremely proud of my accomplishments.

Sometimes, when you program yourself to downplay your accomplishments, you fall asleep on how much you’ve accomplished.

I watched this masterpiece recently and was reminded that I’m really her.

I’m woke baby. Prepare to be sick of me.

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