Radical Self Love

Who is Empress Keno? What is the Informed Expat?

Empress Keno has been on a self healing journey while using visual storytelling, vlogging, and writing as tools to regulate her nervous system for the last few years.

Empress Keno in the ocean. Texts written across image im proud of you. youve been healing yourself
Radical Self Love looks like…

Through healing her inner child, she has been able to focus on her core talents and beliefs.

Now, she is confronting people with what she is, inside and out, as honest as she can be. She is healing herself and others through RADICAL SELF LOVE, unapologetically.

In early 2021; Empress Keno decided to leave the American Dream behind to travel the world, starting with Africa.

As Empress Keno told her story; shared her pain and how she’s healed, she found that she was inspiring others.

Through transparency with her struggles and how she heals herself, she is creating a community, lovingly called the Regal Gang. The Regal Gang is a collective of forward thinking individuals; filled with love, respect, and encouragement.

Empress Keno is now a resident of Tanzania, East Africa with her family. There she has been learning, growing, and sharing her experiences of traveling and living abroad in the motherland.

The Informed Expat

The Informed Expat is an eMagazine series that features educational and realistic insight on what it is like to travel and live abroad.
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