There are very big expenses and very big taxes that come with investing in yourself. Spiritually, mentally , physically, and financially.


Daily writing promptWhat sacrifices have you made in life?View all responses Too many to count. I've learned to make sure every sacrifice is a long term investment, if nothing else. Have you been making the right investments? What is your most valuable asset? Follow me on instagram for live updates @EmpressKeno It Down Vol … Continue reading Sacrifices?

Invest in yourself with Pride | Radical Self Love

I’ve learned to downplay my accomplishments by a lot cus not everyone watching is rooting for you. I’ve learned to keep my successes quiet because those same people that didn’t encourage you, will face you with their hand out. I’ve learned to sing “ I’m broke baby I ain’t got no money“ and share my … Continue reading Invest in yourself with Pride | Radical Self Love